US Department of State picks Khawandanah to represent Saudi Arabia in leadership program


The US Department of State has selected Dr. Shadi Fouad Khawandanah – Executive Member of the Board of the International Chamber of Commerce of Saudi Arabia – to represent Saudi Arabia in the International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) titled “Global Economic Cooperation and Revitalization” which will take place on June 1-19, 2015 along with the international leaders who were selected from the other countries to experience the US firsthand and cultivate lasting relationship with the American counterparts.

This project examines both private sector and local, state and federal government strategies for stimulating economic growth to facilitate domestic and international economic recovery.  The international leaders will visit a range of start-up and established businesses, banks, chambers of commerce, community groups, NGOs and government agencies as well as think tanks and universities to discuss trade, investments, incentives, taxes and fiscal policy.  They will take a comprehensive look at US efforts to reinvigorate its own economy and to enhance the overall stability and strength of the international economic system.

Dr. Khawandanah was selected to participate at this program for his expertise in entrepreneurship, business innovation and organizational leadership. He is also a Steering Committee Member at the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) in the States Department, and he was selected by General Motors as one of the Top 15 Inspirational Business Leaders Across the Region as well as being selected by Forbes ME, for two consecutive years, as one of the Top Leaders Inspiring a Kingdom in the Business World.