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Posted February 6, 2018 by Mohamed Dekkak in Business

The United Arab Emirates plans to boost its gas import capacity and will increase the amount of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to have more means in producing power.

The considerable decrease in the price of LNG has become an opportunity for other countries to use LNG as an option to expand gas resources.

LNG can be easily contained in special tankers for its liquid form. The liquid will be sent to a station for regasification and the gas is pumped into onshore pipelines.

There are also plans to upgrade the current 3 million tonnes per year capacity of the floating LNG regasification import facility located at the Jebel Ali port. EmiratesLNG import facility which has a capacity of 9 million tonnes a year is also underway at the busy oil port of Fujairah,

The country is on its way to upgrade the production capacity in the Dolphin pipeline and is currently building its own gas reserves such as the Shah and Bab sour gas fields,

The operations in the Shah project, just kicked off this year, and the field is expected reach its full production in the second quarter.

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