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Posted February 6, 2018 by Mohamed Dekkak in Business

The President and CEO of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), Zane Kirby,  expressed that Morocco is one of the most fascinating, interesting and known destinations that must be noticed.

According to Mr. Kirby, who had headed a delegation of approximately 300 representatives of American travel agencies to Morocco, uttered and conveyed his  great satisfaction after his visit to the kingdom which allowed him to interrelate with the local counterparts and to notice the nation’s tourism potentials.

He also averred that during their stay in Morocco had surpassed all prospects, noting that this feeling is shared by all the professionals, specialists and experts, who justified as “serious and credible” the conventions held in Morocco.

Following the success of the vacation, ASTA President chose to extend his stay in the kingdom with his family, expecting at the same time a rise in the numbers of American tourists who would choose Morocco as their next holiday destination.

Information stated that the Moroccan National Tourist Office in New York, 300,000 tourists from North America visited Morocco between January and November 2014, a 5% upsurge compared with the similar period of last 2014.

Considering these information, Abdul Ali Zouiten, the General Director of the Moroccan National Tourist Office, disclosed that his office desire to take benefit of this increasing trend and concentrate on new segments so as to adjust to the new needs of American patrons who are seeking commonly for high quality standards.

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