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Posted February 6, 2018 by Jussi Myllymaa in Business, Technology

Years back in time it was easy, you meet the business people in person, you had time to get to know them. Today is different with a digital world. Usually, good deals are caught before you get there. Fast deals is hard to know if you can trust or not. To good to be true or not. I have been working with my latest project that is to create trust between businesses all over the world. One way to create trust is for the business to show them self with a video presentation. A video presentation creates more trust than a line of text: We are Te good business, come to us..

Business video presentation shows that the business exists, how and where they work, people that work in the business, what and where from, presentation of the business. A video tells more than a thousand photos. Video create trust!

On Video Guide Me is also a text presentation of the business. The text can be read in 180 languages. You can post the text in Arabic and it can be read in English or in any of the 180 languages. 

Last a map with your business location. If your business is not on google map we will put it there, included in the price. When client clicks on your location on the map, the client can save the business location on their smartphone. When they want to visit the business, only open up saved business in smartphones navigator and get there. 

For this we have right now special offer in September 2017. 

We also have special promotion offer for new salespeople that come onboard. We also need country leaders all over the world. 

Example of a Business Presentation Page on Video Guide Me: Hotel Rits, Paris, France

DEPT COLLECTOR: This is my other project. Many people in Europe frauded and scammed people with money in Arab countries.These scammers is usually protected by European laws. Arab countries do not have collaboration with European or US courts so they could catch these people. I am now about setting up a business as a debt collector. I lease the dept and bring it to the local court where the scammer/fraudster live in Europe. Freeze all that the person have. We then bring back the money to the original owner. This is not for a couple of thousand USD, we talk about at least 1 Million USD and up. Contact me here or with private messages for more info. 

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