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Posted February 6, 2018 by Jussi Myllymaa in Technology, Business, Entertainment


Finally, a trusted international way to find safe and secure businesses is here. The idea with VGM was to offer a better way to find businesses than on google, yahoo or bing. VGM show up results in video presentations. Videos create trust. On VGM your business gets:

1. Full business presentation page

2. Video presentation.

3. Image presentation.

4. Text presentation.

5. Map with your business location.

6. Only ABC and IBC members: get a link from the city presentation page: Example: Dubai, direct to your business presentation page.

NOW only for ABC and IBC members: 99 €uro ( normal price: 599€)inc: all above. Offer valid to 26-01-2018. 

N payment before work is done.

Also websites/portals / online payment systems/bit currency and much more. Contact; jussi@video-guide.me




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