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Posted November 16, 2019 by Jussi Myllymaa in Investment, Society, Technology, Business

Project Africa charity is presented in many African countries. Project Africa is now stepping up the work around the world. In Project Africa Kenya is the country that made the biggest success. Project Africa Kenya opening up the doors for Project Africa development to start in Kenya. Opening up the doors for Project Africa is that getting countries political leaders blessing to start to develop the country. 

Project Africa development is to start a new transparent and contolled economy. In Kenya new government fight with Kenyas reputation as corrupt country with economcal and fiscal corruption. This would be easiesr an most effective with our Swedish model of transparent cashless economy. At this moment Kenya looks to be the country to start in. 

Project Africa NGO work to enter into 24 African countries. 

This open up businesses for all that want to do business and make money in Africa. For this we will start up Africa Holding in: Dubai. UAE. Africa Holding will be the one that manage investment portofolios in Africa. Portofolios will be for the development of economy,banking, construction, real estate and commercial real estate, energy and water production, food production, manufacturing. 

Investment structure:

Africa Holding future ownership: 

Investors 45%, Project Africa charity 25%, 30% by me. Investors capital: 100 000 000 USD. Portofolios values together: +10 000 000 000 USD. 

Asos Project Africa, Spain Investor offer: 100 000 Eur give 40% of Project Africa. Value: 10 000 000 EUR year 2020. 

Send me a message here and I will contact you..

All the best: Jussi Myllymaa


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