Business for sale in Dubai
#1 July 29, 8:41 pm
Business for sale in Dubai
for sale in Dubai, Insurance brokerage company, Restaurant, and Money exchange license grade A
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#2 October 13, 10:52 am
Well Hamdan, any further information on any business?
#3 October 15, 5:11 am
you can send message regarding what you need to know
Regards, <br /><br /> <br /><br />Hamdan Mohamed AlMurshidi <br /><br />President <br /><br />Arab Business Club
#4 October 28, 3:28 pm
Looking for investors‏

I got a contact from a Arabic business search so we like to offer investor a land for resort Development in maldives one of the island Located in Lhaviyani Atoll Huravalhi. Its total sale price is $6.8 million dollars as you can built 150 to 200 in range the rooms can be operated.Im trying to get the documents but if investor interested we need letter of Intend to see all documents as we can also send you to sign.'
we like to offer your company as to do cooperate business in maldives. If you have a good idea for this business i believe it will work. But we need your response soon.


#5 November 9, 6:08 pm
Island for Sale in Portugal

Povoa Mouchão Private Island For Sale.
Island are located in the river Tejo, Lisbon of Portugal EXPO.
Island near the coast close to the 300 m.
Povoa Mouchão 1.214 acres.
In the Island there are some infra structures of the Beginning of last Century, such as houses, warehouses, a chapel, factories, cow-sheds, tide gates and a few others.
And ideal for the Tourism / holding investment project.
The island belongs to my family.
Google location:,-9.054345...

Slow-Povoa do Mouchão Island:
More information, please:
Best Regards

Aurélio Guapo
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