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Project Africa charity is presented in many African countries. Project Africa is now stepping up the work around the world. In Project Africa Kenya is the country that made the biggest success. Project Africa Kenya opening up the doors for Project Africa development to start in Kenya. Opening up the doors for Project Africa is that getting countries political leaders blessing to start to develop the country. 

Project Africa development is to start a new transparent and contolled economy. In Kenya new government fight with Kenyas reputation as corrupt country with economcal and fiscal corruption. This would be easiesr an most effective with our Swedish model of transparent cashless economy. At this moment Kenya looks to be the country to start in. 

Project Africa NGO work to enter into 24 African countries. 

This open up businesses for all that want to do business and make money in Africa. For this we will start up Africa Holding in: Dubai. UAE. Africa Holding will be the one that manage investment portofolios in Africa. Portofolios will be for the development of economy,banking, construction, real estate and commercial real estate, energy and water production, food production, manufacturing. 

Investment structure:

Africa Holding future ownership: 

Investors 45%, Project Africa charity 25%, 30% by me. Investors capital: 100 000 000 USD. Portofolios values together: +10 000 000 000 USD. 

Asos Project Africa, Spain Investor offer: 100 000 Eur give 40% of Project Africa. Value: 10 000 000 EUR year 2020. 

Send me a message here and I will contact you..

All the best: Jussi Myllymaa


Mohamad Shalabi
ضيف المدونة
Posted September 7, 2019 by Mohamad Shalabi in Society

المدون بدر البدر،المدير التنفيذي الآن لمؤسسة مسك الخيرية، في ضيافة الأصدقاء الست وأسماؤهم كما يخبرنا الشاعر الإنجليزي كبلنج هى : ماذا ولماذا ومتى وكيف وأين ومن.

لاطلاعكم الكريم


Gyasi Kwame Alex Francis

Hello everyone! 

My name is GYASI KWAME ALEX FRANCIS from Ghana and I am 29 years old me also I am a CLEARING AND FORWARDING AGENT ( import & export business at ghana Port and Harbour (TEMA). 

It is not easy to work for someone and get what you want and also do what you will want to do in life for this reason, I have work out both on the field and also in my room when all are sleeping I am trying to work on a project that will benefit everyone. And now the problem is I have put up a very good business proposal and plan but what I want is someone who will like to have a look at this project that I have come up with again I am from Ghana west Africa and all this project will be taken place in my country and this goes to the investor out there who wants to do some investment in Ghana West Africa please you can contact me so that we can have discussion on it and also put before you all that you will need to no about this my project.

Or WhatsApp number/call


God bless we all and God bless my country GHANA............and we hope for a better future tomorrow.

Ab Kuijer

Even the keys of my keyboard have been a holiday as it has been a few weeks since I wrote something that was saved to stay. In our family, we were all overwhelmed by a general feeling of summery laziness, the so-called ‘laissez faire’ or ‘drop everything you can’ to enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean sea and the warm weather that does not seem to stop.

It actually started with the school holiday. Boom. The fixed rhythm of 7 AM wake-up and driving to schools followed by a walk with the dog along the beach was gone. Getting up early was suddenly not necessary anymore and surprisingly we exchanged that school rhythm just as easily for the rhythm of summer: get up when you feel like it and think while standing with your feet on the warm terrace if you would start the day with a lazy bomb or a sporty dive in the pool.

During the afternoon, when the sun is roaring, we embrace each other and the ritual that is called siesta while the children look for a shade near the water. They live these weeks on the beach with friends and come sunburnt home at the end of the day; tired of laughing and full of stories. That is usually the time for a barbeque or a large salad.

Of course, work is still being done; writing and talking about new plans, and talking with project developers who have purchased a new piece of land wherein 2021 a beautiful apartment complex appears. We drive around the backland to the sea and back with clients from all over the world and listen carefully to the stories of buyers from abroad; people who all live nicely, have a good job and still want to reward their lives with a second summer house in the South of France. When we ask about the reason for their purchase, the answer is certainly and clear: ‘South France means enjoying life and offers many possibilities in the immediate vicinity.’

And so it is; it is exactly the reason why we do not leave here anymore. The beach in Tahiti will undoubtedly be more beautiful. But can you also ski there? And the restaurants in the Florida Keys probably have better service and larger steaks, but is the environment varied enough? And in the Amsterdam Vondelpark you can have a nice jogging run, but is it ever quiet? And Portugal has beautiful beaches, but is the water warm enough to swim? The beauty of the Alpes Maritimes region is that it has a place for everyone and for every wish. From a perfectly constructed 18-hole golf course to dizzying water slides and from stylishly strolling on the boulevard to a tough walk through the rugged mountains in the hinterland. It’s all possible on the Côte d’Azur and always accessible within an hour.

Meanwhile, we roll into August and the temperature is now also 30 degrees at night. In a house, without air conditioning, the fans hum on each floor and the dog is panting in the coolest spot. For the animals, it is a tough period and a cooling walk around a lake in the mountains is a nice distraction for all of us. Before we know it , we get up at 7 o’clock again and schools start. And then, the second part of the summer begins. For parents, September and even October is the most beautiful month of the year.

The ‘Indian summer’ means that the parking places near the beach are empty and the sea still beckons invitingly. The permanent beach clubs are happy to see you again; locals who are in no hurry. A pan Bagnat on Plage Salis in Antibes tastes best when the sand is not so hot under your feet and you can park the car normally on the beach front. We roll out the Sup and paddle along the coast over a calm sea while looking at the mountains. Behind it, there lies Europe with the bustle of overcrowded motorways, madness, and polemics. We look at it and praise us fortunately that we can enjoy peace, space and beautiful views at the bottom of Europe.

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Ab Kuijer




The project on the Place des Lices, the large market square in the heart of Saint Tropez has just been completed. The demonstration apartment, you can say the most beautiful apartment, is now going on sale. This is a unique opportunity (and the last) to buy a two bedroom apartment in the heart of Saint Tropez. From here you have everything within walking distance; the restaurants, the beaches and of course the market. And those who live so close to Place de Lices will soon be invited by the locals for a game of boules at the Place des Lices.

This specific apartment is sleek in white and modern in style. This location immediately gives you the feeling that you really live in the city. No free views over the sea or rolling green hills, you walk to the beach. Here you are surrounded by the beloved southern French ambiance and urban . Are you already sitting on that terrace with a fresh croissant and a cup of coffee? Here you live in the heart of Saint Tropez!

Make an offer

The official sales price of the apartment including the garage is 1.038.000 euro. But you are welcome to make an offer on the fully furnished apartment with garage! Mail this to

The charm of Saint Tropez with its legendary port, the lively market, the beautiful beaches and glamorous lifestyle are world famous. Buying a new apartment Saint Tropez is an excellent long-term investment. Unique on the French Riviera, we offer you the opportunity to buy a new apartment in the heart of Saint Tropez, on a champagne cork shot away from the cozy Place des Lices. The exceptional location offers elegant architecture in an oasis of tranquility; the residence is surrounded by a Mediterranean garden.

Saint-Tropez is a favorite destination for the international jet set, who like no other knows how to get the most out of your life. Only the best is good enough, and that also applies to the new apartments built with the best materials and luxury finishes. Life on the Côte d’Azur is a great party here; around the old harbor, beaches, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs. Mirth is a way of life. And Saint Tropez is the best place to celebrate life.

Exclusive living in new apartment Saint Tropez

The new apartment complex is located next to the famous Place des Lices, a prestigious location that has been painted by many artists. Here time seems to stand still and yet, every afternoon imperturbable jeu-des-boules is played while Lamborghini’s are coming and going. The magic of Saint Tropez has inspired artists and culture lovers. Painters and writers have extended the bright landscape defined and painted; the atmosphere is second to none. Like them, you can enjoy the authentic roads and the serene surroundings of the Var. The town itself overlooks the turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean. Although it is a mecca for water sports, the old maritime traditions are well preserved. With Nioulargue and Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, the Gulf of Saint Tropez is annually at the center of a regatta and rallies through the most beautiful yachts.


Buy a new apartment in Saint Tropez

Your new apartment Saint Tropez is an exceptional location in a quiet, discreet and secure environment. Here two small buildings appear with spacious apartments with 2 to 5 bedrooms, up designed in detail for your comfort. Each room combines the quality of services and materials with a modern interior and a detailed finish. The large volumes are designed to let you enjoy the Provençal sun. Some apartments have a special view of the old city. The port is located just minutes from the center of the city, the Pampelonne beaches and the international shops of reputed brands.

The harmonious living environment is particularly; your high-class apartment is surrounded by a large residential garden and private gardens; a pleasure to watch from your patio or covered balcony; all over a great location to enjoy fully. The landscaped gardens are decorated with authentic Mediterranean species and intertwine with the pedestrian walkways. These beautiful gardens emphasize the fine, traditional architecture and offer peace and serenity. The interior of each apartment is warm personalized with a choice of high-quality traditional materials: wall plaster, porcelain tiles, oak flooring.

In this range money might not matter, but energy-conscious life speaks for itself on the performance of the heating and cooling system. The detailed design of the living room completes the outdoor area open to such gardens, terraces and/or balconies. Access to the property is secured by an express elevator to each floor from the parking lot.

Come to Saint Tropez

More pictures or book a visit? Contact Jolanda Marinus at Living on the Côte d’Azur. Send an email to We are happy to show you the property!

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