Arab Business Club Target Sudan to Open the Doors for investments and trade deals


Arab Business Club plans to expand in Africa started with few countries, and now moving ahead to open new doors for its members to trade, invest, partner, and utilize their expertise in Sudan, which considered to be one of the main countries in the farming land by area, along with its rich minerals and availability of water, massive land, and animal wealth.

Arab Business Club President held several meetings with top Officials from several ministries, including Khartoum Investment Minister Mudathir Abdulgani Hassan, State Minister of Minerals, Oshek Mohammed Ahmed, Federal Minister of Health Bahar Idriss Abu Garda, State Minister of environment and resources, Ali Mohamed Musa Tawer, among other ministers, as well the President of Arab Business Club, has held discussions with, Dr. Kamal Abdelgadir, Director General of Al Basheer Medical City, Bakri Yusuf Omar, secretary general of Sudanese Businessmen & Employers Federation,

Dr.Abdulmajid Abdulgadir, secretary general of the Gum Arabic Council, as well many business leaders, During his meetings HE Al Murshidi discussed the expansion plans of the Arab Business Club in the African continent, as well the need to establish better environment for the investors in the country, with that aim, Arab Business Club has announce the opining of its office in Khartoum, the capitol of Sudan, “The main task for the new established office is to help Arab Business Club members, do business with Sudan, and help open doors for Sudanese products outside of the country” Added HE. Hamdan Al Murshidi.



اجتماع مع رئيس مجلس الإدارة ل صن اير في السودان

With Chairman of Sun Air, Capt. Saif Sadd Omer

اجتماع مع وزير المعادن السوداني

With State Minister of Minerals

خلال توقيع اتفاقية تعاون مع مدينة البشير الطبية في السودان

Signing With Dr. Kamal Abdelgadir, Director General of Al Basheer Medical City

لقاء مع التلفزيون السوداني بعد الاجتماع مع وزير البيئة

Sudan TV interview along with Minister Ali Mohamed Tawer

لقاء مع مدير عام وزارة الاستثمار السوداني

with Director General Of ministry of Investment

مع مدير عام مدينة البشير الطبية

With Dr. Kamal Abdelgadir, Director General of Al Basheer Medical City

مع وزير الاستثمار السوداني

With Minister of Investment Mudathir Abdulghani Hassan

مع وزير الصحة السوداني

With Minister of Health Bahar Idriss Abu Garda

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