Arab Business Club appoints Catherine Birch as Head of Fashion

cat birch
Arab Business Club is expanding the demographic of its audience to include the remarkable designers and creative (fashion, accessories and art) from around the world. This is a significant enhancement for all our club-members. Fashion is one of the biggest commodities in the world and Arab Business Club has taken on its shoulder to actively promote the business and support communities to elevate them onto international fashion hubs and fashion calendars, with that in mind,


Arab Business Club is pleased to announce the appointment of CATHERINE BIRCH as their HEAD OF FASHION. She is Malaysian-born Chinese and based in Australia. Amongst her accolades, she is the managing director of Fashion Advocate, Corporate Advisor to Professor Datuk Dr Jimmy Choo OBE, the Global Ambassador of Amato Couture and Fashion Programs Director for Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation (a non-for-profit foundation in Australia that provides Life Skills and engagement programs to empower young Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal female youth).


“ I have known Catherine for years and have witnessed her expertise in raising the standards in the fashion industry wherever she goes. She has a great approach to matters in relation to the business of fashion. She mentors new designers, spearheads fashion programs that contributes towards economic growth and creating innovative ideas. Having her as the HEAD of our new fashion division will give us a chance to be part of her success journey. With our joint network and her knowledge, I am certain we will make a big difference in the fashion industry, not in the region alone but globally.” Says His Excellency Hamdan Mohamed Al Murshidi, the President  & Chairman of the Board of Arab Business Club.


“ I am very honored to be in this prestigious position within Arab Business Club. I am very thankful to His Excellency Al Murshidi for giving me this humbly acknowledgement. Arab Business Club has always been the pioneer in revolutionary concepts and business ventures. I look forward to building its fashion division. In the pipeline, we hope to organize fashion & art showcases in several cities, develop our relationships with manufacturers & factories and educational conferences on cultural exchange and fashion trends” says Catherine Birch.

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