Arab Business Club planning to open in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia soon


We are happy to announce that the visit of our President HE Hamdan Mohamed Al Murshidi to MIHAS 2016 was very successful and fruitful,
with many opportunities on hand to start with, and with the interesting products and quality and services that MADE IN MALAYSIA has, the Arab Business Club decided to open a branch office in Kuala Lumpur,  this office will help us serve both our members from around the world and the new members who will be joining us from Malaysia, the office will also provide the necessary  information, help, education, and advice to our members who would like to start doing business with Malaysia, or Malaysian businesses who’s looking to expand their reach outside the country.

A date will be set soon to announce the opening of our expansion and we would like to invite all the members who need any support from or to Malaysia to start contacting us now, please email your request to


Photos of the visit can be seen on this link: